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 FIFA Manager 2007

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MesazhTitulli: FIFA Manager 2007   Sun Apr 29, 2007 6:14 pm

FIFA Manager 2007 is the second game in EA Sports' football management series, with German outfit Bright Future again handling development. Like other EA Sports titles, FIFA Manager 07 is highly accessible, attractively presented, and boasts a wealth of official team and player data. Because of this, FIFA Manager 07 is a great introduction for newcomers to the genre and is a gentler start than something like Football Manager 2007 might be. FIFA Manager is an accessible introduction to the management genre, as you can assign nearly every task to your assistants. Like the origins of most football management games, the idea behind FIFA is to start out as the head of a football club and begin a career in the profession from there. Who you choose to manage is up to you, and while many of you are likely to choose the real-life team that you support, some will relish the challenge of taking a struggling side and transforming its fortunes. FIFA Manager 07 offers 52 leagues from 29 countries, covering most of the major European teams and some of the Asian and American ones, too.[/SIZE]

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FIFA Manager 2007
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