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Registration date : 25/01/2007

MesazhTitulli: [ftp]   Sun Apr 29, 2007 6:23 pm


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                        Sim City 4 Rush Hour (c) EA
  CD Count.......: 01 CD(s)                    Date...........: 09/2003               
  Protection.....: Safedisc 2
    Support the software companies. If you play this game BUY it!
                        *** Release Information *** 
    Game Notes:
    With the new SimCity 4 Rush Hour Expansion Pack your city is on the move. 
    Get your Sims on the road to happiness as you take total control of your 
    city's transportation. Take charge of vehicles en route to destinations 
    or disasters, and take to the streets to control your city at a new 
    level. Put Sims on the move in zeppelins, helicopters, ferries, and new 
    cars. Map out a seamless regional network that whisks Sims from one city 
    to another. Add popular structures such as historic rail stations or 
    classic Americana road marks. Make your final mark as mayor and personalize 
    your cities by choosing street names, mountains, neighborhoods, and points 
    of interest.
    Game Features:
    - Exciting New Transportation Options: Put things in motion by creating 
      the one-way streets of San Francisco, wide avenues of New York, a ferry 
      system of Seattle, or elevated train networks of Chicago. 
    - Over 100 New Structures: Add dozens of new buildings including massive 
      rail yards, sprawling seaports, and high-tech helipads. Popular structures 
      can also be added such as historic train stations, classic Americana 
      road marks, and European tourist attractions. 
    - U-Drive It!: Take complete control over cars, helicopters, and ambulances 
      on the streets of your city and guide them to their destination. 
      Solve missions such as catching car-jackers and thwarting bank robbers 
      to earn reward buildings and other vehicles. As you fix transportation 
      problems and solve missions watch your rating score skyrocket. 
    - Expanded Building Sets: Designate one of three historical eras to your 
      city or layout your city with an all-new building set based on Modern 
      European architecture. 
    - Make Your Mark: Create signposts in key areas of your city to designate 
      neighborhoods, districts, and points of interest. Place labels on streets, 
      roads, mountains, and bodies of water to personalize your city. Mark 
      areas for future expansion, or design a map of the city you live in. 
    - New Disasters: Test your nerves and stop a car at the railroad crossing 
      and watch what happens next. Looking for the big disaster? Start the UFO 
      invasion and watch as Sims are abducted, buildings are destroyed, and 
      crop circles are created. Attempt to take control of your own UFO and 
      create a little havoc yourself. 
    - Maps and Tools: Track the ebb and flow of traffic, plan your growth, 
      or map out how your Sims whisk from one city to another. 
    Install Notes:
    1) Unrar with WinRAR.
    2) Burn the .cue and .bin with Nero Burning Rom software.
    3) Install the game and use one the serials below 
    4) Copy over crack located in Crack\ dir
    5) And then play :)
                        DEViANCE Application Information
    You think you can contribute to the scene too? You have one or more
    talents in:
    - suppliers who work for any software shops/stores like:
      Electronic Boutique, Babbages, GAME, HMV, Dixons, Virgin or
      any software place at all!
    - suppliers for new unreleased store/shop games that have access to a
      fast upload 300k+ internet connection.
    - network or security administrators on fast 10mb plus internet links,
      who have full control and responsibility over their fast links.
    - supplying new unreleased games (maybe you work at a game/util
      magazine, courier delivery firm, newspaper, game press/marketing
      company, distributor, publisher, duplicator, tv/radio show, shop, 
      warehouse, design firm, language translation company, packing company
      store etc). No need for a fast internet connection for this =]
    - you are a coder who can code your own tools to automatically remove
      commercial iso protections like the latest versions of any of the
      following: SafeDisc or Securom or Tages or VOB or Laserlok or
    - are you able to write your own source code to unpack & repack
      custom game related file formats.
    If you can meet one or more of our above requests and want to be a part
    of the fun today, e-mail us. Use the contact information given below.
    Always remember:
    We do this just for FUN. We are against any profit or commercialisation
    of piracy. We do not spread any release, others do that.
    In fact, we BUY all our own games with our own hard earned and worked for
    efforts. Which is from our own real life non-scene jobs.
    As we love game originals. Nothing beats a quality original.
    "If you like this game, BUY it. We did!"


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